Why on earth do I need a Promoters Course certificate?

So you think that promotional work is not your future career and you are doing this just to “bridge the gap” between your studies and getting your degree. Why the heck would you want to get a course certificate if you only intend doing promotions for a few years? You may even tell yourself it is soooo not worth it.

However at Skills we know of many promoters that do part time work right throughout their life, enjoying the human interaction and of course the spare cash that it brings. Having the certificate and the experience certainly puts them ahead of the crowd….some of them even get called back repeatedly from the same company.

No matter what future career you are studying for, you will always have human interaction. Not only will the promoters course give you certain insights into selling and promoting a product or service but it will also help you understand how to “close”. There are many people who don’t like or use the term “closing” when it comes to their work, but if we get rid of the negative connotations all it really means is “earned a sale,” “made a customer” or “solved a customer’s problem.”

Each and every career needs “closing” so taking the Promoters Course Certificate can give you confidence and an understanding on customer or client behaviour.

You are 3x more likely to be chosen for a promoters job if you have a Certificate to show your Knowledge. Get your certificate and get a featured profile on Skills Studio

 Promotional jobs will come and go,

But your hard work will always shine

As a student you may find that the cost of the course can be prohibitive on top of the pricey tertiary education that you are paying for your degree. Not only does the course provide you with that added bit for your future CV, but it allows you to stand out in the crowd and earn some money NOW!


Never begrudge the money you spend on your own education as education gives you quality of life.