Stand out in the crowd with a promoter’s course under your belt

Promotional work is not just about standing in a shopping centre handing out pamphlets; it’s about engaging people in what you are promoting. Anyone that has done promotional work knows that it is no easy task understanding when and how to approach people. On a bad day you might hear some priceless language from someone that is in a hurry or just NOT interested in what you have to say.

Understanding human psychology and behavioural patterns is no small feat, taking years of experience and observation. With the Skills Studio Promoters course we take you through the basics of engaging with your customer. The course was developed after many years of research, experience and of course the most important, observation.

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 Education and Knowledge is the passport to the future,

for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.         


The Skill Studio provides Training-on-the-Go and includes video clips and interesting articles to enhance the learning experience.
Modules include:

  • Dress and Appearance
  • Attitude and Behaviour
  • Basic Communication
  • Clarifying Understanding
  • Basic Sales & Promotion Techniques
  • Basic problem Solving and Basic Workplace Safety

By studying through The Skills Studio, Learners will have access to skills that are affordable, immediate and visible. Members also gain access to job-opportunities, blog sites and additional resources to further improve their probability of success.