Kick start your full or part time career in promotional work

South Africa is certainly taking on a westernised attitude with skills and development, we are beginning to appreciate that each and every career requires theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience.
Whether you need new skills to boost your career, you’re between jobs, or thinking of starting a business, continuing your education could be key.
Certificates are the fastest-growing qualification you can earn, with their primary goal being to prepare students for jobs and careers. They offer affordable occupational training you can put to use right away.

Promotion jobs for students are a great way to earn good money while studying. But did you know that by learning the key skills that make a strong promoter, you’ll also be gaining a competitive advantage that will help you even after your studies are finished? At The Skills Studio, we believe in giving students every opportunity to be the best they can by developing the skills they need to succeed – not just in promotional work, but also in their career of choice.

You are 3x more likely to be chosen for a promoters job if you have a Certificate to show your Knowledge. Get your certificate and get a featured profile on Skills Studio

 Studying means 10% reading

and 90% complaining to your


that you have to study

The Skills Studio is an organisation specialising in providing individuals with necessary, practical and readily implementable Skills, and is committed to the promotion of service delivery in various industries.

Upon completion of this Course, the learner will be able to:

  • Behave, dress and communicate appropriately in a retail environment
  • Observe Rules and Regulations when functioning in public spaces
  • Perform basic demonstration and/or sales techniques in order to promote products or services on behalf of Exhibitors on Exhibition Stands in general, and in Shopping Malls in particular.

For individuals entering the job market, The Skills Studio’s courses will provide a ready-made set of skills which will give the Learner an immediate advantage. Learners already employed will benefit by being able to advance sooner by being able to demonstrate skills which normally take some time to learn.