Are you battling to find the right online platform to put yourself out there?

Promotional jobs can be great part time work if you are studying, a stay at home mom or pop or just love the marketing world. It seems to be an endless battle to find the right work for you in your area, but have no fear as we at Skills Studio have come up with a solution for you.

Gone are the days of registering online with a middle man that likes to take a chop of your hard work. We love to connect the right people to the right job and all of this is for free. You can let promotion employers browse through your profile and contact you directly via your email address. Your registration is FREE and you can browse any job listings to your hearts content. To really stand out in the crowd we will be giving a featured listing to those that have taken the Promoters Training Course.

In the past we have noticed that employers are always looking for those with experience, the ability to communicate well and of course a great attitude. Not only do we offer a platform for you to advertise your skills, but we are offering an online promoters course. For only R850 you can take the course and stand out amongst the crowd. The course takes you through a journey of good promoting practices and refreshes your knowledge on how a professional promoter should behave and what to expect from your jobs. Yip we know you think it’s all common knowledge, but we like to add some icing to the cake with some surprising insights after plenty years of experience and research.

You are 3x more likely to be chosen for a promoters job if you have a Certificate to show your Knowledge. Get your certificate and get a featured profile on Skills Studio

Good promoters make

        the company look smart.


          Great promoters make

                  the customer feel smart.

Everyone knows that an employer likes someone that is fully versed in their chosen field. Displaying your Skills Studio Promoters course certificate on your profile will certainly enhance your chances of getting promotional work. It is an online course and you set the pace, making it simple for you to do the course at your own speed.

So ask yourself, do you want to stand out from the crowd with your experience and skills?


Oh Yes!