You are about to find brand promoters with the skills to pull off a successful promotional campaign.

The role of a brand promoter is more than just a pretty face – they must be able to make an impression, communicate effectively, motivate consumers and be able to accurately assess their needs.

A promotion is only as good as the people who execute it. By finding properly trained, enthusiastic brand promoters with the skills and knowledge to confidently interact with consumers and deliver key selling points, you can rest assured that your brand activation, product launch or promotional event is a successful one.

Understanding human psychology and behavioural patterns is no small feat, taking years of experience and observation. With the Skills Studio Promoters course we take the learner through the basics of engaging with your customer. The course was developed after many years of research, experience and of course the most important, observation. A Skills Student should be your first choice!

Promoters with a Skills Promoters Certificate are 3x times more likely to be a good candidate for the job

If you are not taking care of your customer,

your competitor will…

Why Choose Skilled Brand Promoters?

Our clients benefit from the skills that the promoters who have complete our training course offer for brand promotions:

  • Attitude & Behaviour: Managing appearance, behaviour, body language and speech to deliver an effective interaction
  • Communication Skills: Ability to assess consumer needs and asking the right questions at the right time in a conversation
  • Basic Sales & Promotion Techniques: In-depth understanding of the principles of selling a product or service and giving a brand exposure across a wide audience
  • Problem Solving: Ability to manage conflict situations and find practical solutions to issues

The Skills Studio partners with promotion companies who are looking for promoters with the skills and qualities that our promoter training programme provides. The companies that we value as clients and the brands that they represent benefit from our easily accessible and affordable skills training programmes through the provision of skilled and professional promoters.