Find the right person for your promotional work today

If you could find an easy solution to finding the correct people for your promotional work would you rejoice? There are so many companies out there that offer solutions, but they cost you time and money and only use the staff on their books. How about being in complete control of choosing your own promoter, one that’s right for your particular job. We don’t want an 18 year old lad telling a pregnant lady how super these new and improved nappies are!

Would an online platform excite you? Where you could personally scroll through the promoters profiles and contact them directly or place an advert for your upcoming promotion and get serious replies to your advert.

There is such a place online and it’s called Skills Studio. Our mission is to connect the right people together to compliment your promotion, event or exhibition, leaving your future customers with a pleasant and lasting impression.

Promoters with a Skills Promoters Certificate are 3x times more likely to be a good candidate for the job

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make,

but about the stories you tell…

Promotional work is not just about standing in a shopping centre handing out pamphlets; it’s about engaging people in what you are promoting. Anyone that has done promotional work knows that it is no easy task understanding when and how to approach people.Finding a candidate with the rights set of skills can be daunting, however you can find promoters who have completed the Skills promoters Course and KNOW that they have the knowledge to deal with the public.

The Skill Studio provides Training-on-the-Go and includes video clips and interesting articles to enhance the learning experience.
Modules include:

  • Dress and Appearance
  • Attitude and Behaviour
  • Basic Communication
  • Clarifying Understanding
  • Basic Sales & Promotion Techniques
  • Basic problem Solving and Basic Workplace Safety

Having a candidate that has completed the Skills Promoters Course, gives you peace of mind that they have the knowledge to deal with any promotional or marketing events. Choosing the right candidate has never been this easy.